Sunday, September 8, 2013

A must try for Dry Ban Mien fan.

This handmade noodle stall caught my attention when i was there for dinner. There was just another customer right there but i still decided to try it nonetheless. I ordered a bowl of dry ban mian for only $3.

I stepped back to take a picture of the stall. A voice was asking me from behind. The male voice asked, 'Why are you taking picture?'. I ignored it at first and continued taking the picture. He asked again, 'Why are you taking the picture?' I turned and saw a big man in white shirt seated at the chair near the railing. I smiled then said, 'I am doing a food review.' He did not ask any further.

I only realised that man might be the owner of the stall when he proceeded to help out at the stall later on.

I collected my bowl of dry ban mien and moved to my table.

A good portion of ban mien was served with ingredients like minced pork, ikan belis, vegetable and bits of egg. I was asked whether i want it with meatballs and i said yes. I paid an extra 0.50 cents for the 2 pieces of meatballs added.

The soup was not as flavorful as expected. If this is the same soup base used for the soup version of their noodles then i am glad that i did not order it.

The chilli made up of the blended chilli with red cut chilli. It tasted good when added into my dry ban mien. The level of spiciness is acceptable.

I wasted a bit of time to take pictures. When i was about to toss it. The ban mien has already clumped together. It took quite a bit of efforts to toss it well without breaking the noodle.

There was a pool of dark sauce underneath the noodle. It actually tasted nice. The texture of ban mien has got a likable springiness and a desirable chewiness. The dark sauce mainly consists of dark soya sauce did not taste too saltish as well.

The meatballs tasted good though not outstanding. I would not mind adding it as i do prefer to have it as extra ingredients.

This picture was taken after i done eating. The queue was getting longer. There was at least 10 people waited in queue then. The tip is to come early to avoid long queuing time.

This is one of the better dry ban mien that i ever eaten. A must try for dry ban mien fan like myself.

Block 75 Toa Payoh Lorong 5
Toa Payoh Lorong 5 Food Centre #01-14

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