Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Prawn Fritter & Ngor Hiang.

This seems to be a popular stall though not so much for their dry and soup version of prawn noodle but more for their prawn fritter and ngor hiang. I decided to order to go with my noodle. I ordered only 3 items: the prawn fritter, the ngor hiang and the yam roll.

I given my table number and proceeded to wait there. It was served in about 10 minutes. And, i paid $3.90 for all the items. I'd say a little expensive than expected. It was served along with a bowl of chilli sauce in a small disposable bowl. 

All the items have been deep fried again to give it the desired crispiness. 

I tried the ngor hiang first. It tasted quite average though it did has a likable crispiness with a rather dominating taste of the five spices. I did not quite like it as i have tried much  better ones out there. 

I went for the fried prawn fritter next. Though it tasted much better than the ngor hiang but i was not amazed by its taste. It tasted rather average as compared to some i had before. I had it with that bowl of the chilli sauce but it did not has any effect in enhancing its taste further. The chilli sauce did not have  a distinctive spiciness nor sweetness.

The last item was the yam roll. Apparently it did not fare any better than the earlier items. Though it has a bit of crispiness but the taste did not stand out at all. I could not taste any distinctive yam taste but mostly the taste of the flour.

This is not the best so i will be happy to skip it. I might try the prawn noodle though. 

Block 85 Bedok North Street 4
#01-05 Fengshan Food Centre

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