Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lotus Root with Pork Ribs Soup.

Wanting a simple dinner and i thought i should check this stall out for the first time. Most of the customers were placing their orders for the signature claypot rice. They ordered and left their table number then proceeded to wait at their tables. It indicated that the claypot rice is cooked only upon order. A certain amount of waiting time is anticipated then. I decided to go ahead to order their steamed soup to have it along with rice. Steamed soup  and rice are expected to be of self-service though.

I wanted their Lotus Root with Pork Ribs Soup for $3 and a bowl of rice for 0.50 cents.

A good portion of piping hot Lotus Root with Pork Ribs Soup was served in a metal container. The taste of soup was good though not fantastic. The time during the cooking process might have been compromised as the soup did not have the intensified taste of lotus root and peanuts. 

There was a good amount of slices of lotus root and quite a few pieces of meaty pork ribs in the soup.

The thickly sliced lotus roots were not overly mushy but firm in texture. The peanuts were not too soft with a certain bit of remaining crunchiness. I do wish to have more peanuts in the soup though. The texture of pork ribs was unexpectedly soft. It was done well to give it the desired softness with a minimum level of chewiness. It was so soft that it actually pulled away from the bone effortlessly. The bowl of rice that served along with the steamed soup has got the likable texture of fluffiness and moistness.

It was an enjoyable dinner nonetheless. 

Block 75 Toa Payoh Lorong 5
#01-32 Toa Payoh Lorong 5 Food Centre

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