Wednesday, September 11, 2013

[MALAYSIA] What to eat at Larkin Bus Terminal?

There is a food centre above the Larkin Bus Terminal. It is located at level 3 and easily accessed by escalators. It is separated into the Malay section and the Chinese section. There is a wide selection of foods at both sections.

The fish soup might be a good choice but the soup was a little too bland to my liking and i think the fish did not taste too fresh. The texture was slightly mushy and not as firm. A total of RM 8.50 was paid for the fish soup and the bowl of rice.

I enjoyed the prawn mee quite a bit. The stall is manned by a friendly Uncle. I went ahead to order the big portion for RM 4.50. He asked for my table number but i could not quite understand as he phased it in his malaysian style mandarin. He was patient enough to ask it again in a more understandable manner. I'd think the portion was substantial for the amount paid. The soup has got a distinctive sweetness with a rather mild taste of prawn. 

The texture of the prawn was slightly tough but it did not have any strange taste. It served along with slices of fish cake and lean meat. 

Wanton Noodle is priced cheaply at RM 4.00. The portion is good for such a price. The texture of the noodle has got the desired springiness with just the right chewiness. The thinly sliced char siew tasted a little dry. The wantons tasted pretty normal. 

Curry Kway Teow served with quite a few pieces of tau pok with cockles for RM 4.50. The curry taste somewhat reminded me of those Maggie brand instant curry noodle. It tasted rather similar. The cockles were a bit too raw to my liking. It tasted rather decent overall.

The friendly auntie approached our table and asked for the drink order. She recommended the warm barley but decided to have a cup of hot coffee instead. I'd think the balance of sweetness and bitterness was pretty good. Such a cup of coffee is RM 0.90. 

The pancake at this stall is value for money. It came in 4 pieces for RM 2.50. The texture of pancake was soft and moist with generous filling of a mixture of grounded peanuts and sugar. The sugar added was rather well-balanced. An ideal choice for snack.

Fried spring roll. It came in 5 pieces for RM 2.00. It was freshly fried so it tasted nicely crispy though slightly oily. 

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