Sunday, July 20, 2014

Disappointing Experience with FLOR PATISSERIE

I was a fan of Flor Patisserie. I used to be a royal customer that truly enjoyed their cakes. You must be wondering why am i using the past tense in the above sentences? Well, i am their fan and royal customer no more.

I have decided to share my unpleasant encounter with FLOR PATISSERIE recently. 

This was not the first time that i went to take away their cakes and have it at home. I have always trusted them to pack it nicely so i would have all the cakes in good shape when i gotten home. It was not the case recently. The cakes were in quite a mess this time. It happened when they just packed it all in an oversized box without any dividers in between to close up the spacing to hold them well. 

I was disappointed so i left a message on their facebook page. 
I gotten their reply a few hours later. Apparently, the person that replied trying to protect the reputation of their shop by shifting the blame to me. This person mentioned that 6 slices of cakes are enough to fill the entire box thus there is no need for dividers as there is little space for the cakes to move around, provided that there is no violent movement of the box

I am offended. Did the person suggest that it happened when i handled the box roughly by creating violent movement to cause those cakes to shift and collapsed? Some of those cakes are in irregular shapes thus their sizes are not enough to fill up the whole box as clearly shown in the picture? Didn't the person at least make an effort to study the picture carefully before given such a reply? or did the person simply assumed and based the judgement on their packing policy? Example, no divider is needed for the number of cakes in a particular size of box. 

Oh Yeah! The person did not have the courtesy to even spelled my namely correctly. If he/she is not even observant enough to spell my name right, how much accurate could his/her judgement be in assessing the space in the box between those cakes?

Then the person continued to suggest that the box has been outside the fridge for more than 40 minutes and has been through a rough ride. The person emphasized their cakes are very delicate and sensitive to heat as they use minimum or no setting agent in their cakes. Then, the person mentioned ice packs are provided for free if the going back journey is more than 30 minutes. Then, why didn't they have this clearly stated somewhere prominent so their customers could based on that to decide whether they need the free ice packs to be provided when they are transporting the cakes? Or, why didn't their Staff go the extra mile by reminding their customers and offer the ice packs if the journey is more than 30 minutes or the weather is extremely hot on that day? 

I replied by stating this was not my first experience and i did not go through a rough journey to reach home within 30 minutes.

They posted another comment today by asking which outlet the purchase was from. And, in the initial message they even suggested that i leave my mobile number openly on the comment box so they could contact me on the replacement of the cakes.

They edited the comment about 2 hours later after posted it. They decided to remove the 'replacement of the cakes' from the comment. It appeared to be as follow:

The comparison between their original comment and the edited one.

There is no further comment after this. I guess they decided to ignore me for good. 

To review all the cakes that i eaten this time, the taste and texture were somewhat compromised. It definitely did not taste as good as when Chef Yamshita was still there. By the way, the shop is still using the name of Chef Yamshita to sell their cakes by having it prominently stated that Flor Patisserie is by Chef Yamshita. I just think this is not quite right. 

I have decided to stay away from FLOR PATISSERIE as i do not wish to be further disappointed again. Their standard had dropped significantly.

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