Thursday, July 31, 2014

Flee Away Cafe at Dunlop Street

Flee Away Café is started by Fann Hui Leng and Wendy Cheong as a mean of escapade from the buzzing city life. You can find your granny type of sewing machine as well as the seats salvaged from the old cinema in this retro café.

Their specialty is Le Char kuay, it is a little like the dough fritter snack that is better known as You Tiao but their version came with filling of your choice. You can either choose a Char Kuay as sandwich or tortilla wrap ($15.50).

The other must-try item has to be their specially created Beef Hash Pie Tee ($12.50). It is none other than kway Pie Tee shells with corned beef as filling. For dessert, their waffle with Gula Melaka pudding ($$8.50) is a strongly recommended choice. Another interesting choice has to be Ang Gu Kueh with ice-cream ($8.50).

70 Dunlop Street SINGAPORE 209398

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