Tuesday, December 29, 2015

夏門十全大補 :Herbal Duck Soup

You could easily missed out this stall, it has a faded signboard that only have their stall name in Chinese but if you observe, there is always a constant flow of customers though it did not form into queue. Most of these customers order their Pork's Trotter to go with rice and if you walk around the food centre, you will get to see many tables actually ordered Pork's Trotter from this stall. When i wanted to order at 1.45 pm, i was told it has already sold out. I was then offered the Herbal Chicken or Duck as most of their other items were sold out too. I decided to go with their Herbal Duck ($5.00) with rice ($0.50 cents). It is self-service here, so i was just stood there waiting for them to heat up then pour it into the bowl and served. 

The Chinese name of this Herbal Duck is 十全大补鸭, it consists of a duck drumstick served in a big bowl of intensely herbal-ish soup. I could not quite tell what went into the herbal soup but i could taste the distinct taste of Chinese Angelica Root which commonly known as Dang Gui (当归) in it.

It must have been boiled for consecutive hours for that intensive flavor and to give the duck that desired softness, the meat was really tender. Though the skin was slightly thicker but it was not oily. I felt this is a healthier alternative to the usual hawker fare.

Other than the Pork Trotter's ($4.50) and Herbal Duck ($5.00), there are also Herbal Chicken ($4.50), Bak Kut Teh ($4/$5), Pig's Orgran Soup ($4.00), Meat Ball Soup ($3.50) and Pig's Organ Bitter Gourd with Bee Hoon / Mee ($3.50) available for selection.

Block 4A Woodlands Centre Road #02-26 Woodlands Centre Road Food Centre

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