Friday, December 4, 2015

芋仙园 : Taiwanese Dessert, Better than Blackball

This Taiwanese shop has been around for more than 2 years but its existence usually go unnoticed as most passersby will just walk past without casting a second look and i happened to be one of them. It was about 6 months ago when i stepped in for the first time. The shop is manned by a friendly Auntie all by herself, she has a distinct Taiwanese accent which i initially thought she is originated from there or at least have been there for a while to acquire such an accent. When we chatted, she told me that she is a local but she gotta learn how to make the dessert from a Taiwanese if i remember correctly. She said, 'Everything is handmade and we made them right here'. 

I came back another few times after that first visit. During my most recent visit, i told her that their taro balls have a better texture and much softer than that of the Blackball. She chuckled before she said, "How to compare? We handmade our taro balls from scratch unlike theirs, those are all machine made." She then continued, 'It is not possible for them to make all of their taro balls as they have too many outlets and no way to cope with that kind of volume.' She said, 'We have customers wanted to buy the taro balls from us but we just made enough to go with our desserts. Making those balls are quite laborious, we cannot afford to make more.'

There are a few signature items to choose from and my favourite has to be the one with grass jelly (仙草 )for just $4.30, prices are definitely much lower than that of the Blackbell. If you do not want grass jelly, you could also choose between ice jelly (爱玉) and soya beancurd (豆花). 

Other than grass jelly, there are taro balls of 5 different flavors, a handful of red beans and osmanthus flower jelly cubes in it, and when you are about to eat then pour in the small container of milk. The level of sweetness is just right. The taro balls have a desired chewiness with an amazing softness, it really tasted much better as compared to the taro balls of their competitors. The osmanthus flower jelly is making their signature desserts to be rather refreshing and quite special. I enjoyed it so much.

Auntie was also telling me that they might be forced to close down if the rental is increase again. For such a small shop space, her monthly rental is more than $3,000. She said, she is already making very little profits and it just make no sense to pay a much higher rentals. As i was telling her to consider increase her prices to cope with a higher rental, i said, "Even if i have to pay $5.00 for such a bowl, i will be more than willing. As a consumer, i know what is value worthy.' 

If you happen to be in Ang Mo Kio central, you should visit them. They are near the Macdonald's at Big Mac Centre and just a couple of shops away from the S11 coffee shop, directly facing the main road of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3. There are also shaved ice desserts and ice blended drinks on their menu. 

51 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 Big Mac Centre SINGAPORE 569922
Operating Hours: 12.00 pm to 9.00 pm

UPDATE: The shop has already closed for good. - 26 December 2015


  1. Had a chat before with the lady boss, practically all their ingredients are hand made. From the mango ice cream, to the grass jelly and soya beancurd. Thankfully I know of the closure and had it last week, and also left my number with the lady boss in case she opens again

  2. Thanks for the update. Please keep me posted if you hear from her.