Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Taste of Ipoh : Ipoh Curry Mee

This is a new stall in Old Airport Road Food Centre, there were still some flower baskets on display when i visited on last Sunday. The owner is a middle-aged man and he was quite friendly when i asked for a recommendation. In fact, there are only 2 items on the menu: the Ipoh Laksa ($4.00) and Ipoh Curry Mee ($3.50). He said, 'It really depends on what you like, if you like it a little sourish then you should try the Laksa if not, the Curry Mee is the better choice.' I went with the Ipoh Curry Mee. As i was the only customer then, i got my order in just a short while. 

I wanted to add another 0.50 cents for the fish cake but the owner said, there is no need as there are already included in the Curry Mee. Then i realised in the whole bowl of Curry Mee, there was only 2 different types of fish cake and a small handful of bean sprouts. 

It tasted a bit like the Maggie curry mee with an intense flavor of those curry powder. I could not quite tell how authentic is the taste of this Ipoh Curry Mee as i have never visit Ipoh but it tasted quite comforting though not exactly what i would have enjoy.

51 Old Airport Road #01-147 Old Airport Road Food Centre SINGAPORE 390051

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