Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Chow Chow Chicken in Ang Mo Kio

I got to know about this stall from their sponsored post that has been on Facebook. I decided to try it out since it is in my neighborhood so i went on a Sunday. Most of the shops at that particular HDB block were closed and the coffee shop is located right at the end. It was unexpectedly quiet in that coffee shop as some stalls were closed on that day. This new stall stood out amongst the other stalls there. I was served by a friendly chap. I wanted to order their Salted Egg Burger. He asked, 'So, you want to have it take away?'. I was a bit puzzled. He said further, 'We can only served to have it take away.' And, i asked, "You mean you are not allowed to serve it here?'. He then said, 'That's right. It is part of the agreement stated in the lease.' I continued to ask, 'Then, why did you choose this location since there is such a condition stated?' He said, 'Our main focus is to do it online.' 

They have since tied up with Deliveroo and Food Panda to do delivery but it did not seem to deliver to every part of Ang Mo Kio, at least not to where i stay. When i typed in the postal code, it stated that they do not deliver to that area. Apparently, there is another western food stall in the same coffee shop and that should be the reason why they are not allowed to serve their burger there even the other stall is not offering Salted Chicken Burger on their menu. And, i also asked, 'This place seems to be quite quiet on a Sunday.' He replied, 'We did not know it until we started'. 

I decided to order the Double 100% Salted Egg Fried Chicken set that consists of 3 pieces of chicken, rice and vegetables for $6.50. It clearly stated on their menu sheet that it is made using 100% salted egg without egg powder and egg flavouring. I paid and went to wait at the table. It took longer than expected for it to be served, likely due to it is prepared upon order thus the waiting time is slightly longer. It was delivered by the same friendly chap, he even made an effort to ask whether i need another set of culinary when he took notice that i was with a friend. 

When i was in the midst of taking some pictures, i was approached by Lynn, the owner of Chow Chow Chicken. She asked, 'Are you a Food Blogger?' I nodded and said, 'I do keep a food blog out of interest.' She mentioned that she has the background of food and nutrition and that is extremely helpful when come to preparing the menu as well as the recipes. She said that they are using Sunflower oil as a healthier alternative to fry their chicken.

Lynn has suggested that their signature Salted Egg Sotong is a must try. This one is different from those that are served at the cze char stalls. They actually stuffed the Sotong with salted egg yolk then coated with flour and deep-fried it. 

Salted Egg Chicken is not a difficult dish to prepare so it takes a really outstanding one to leave an impression. This one actually tasted not too bad but i have eaten better ones elsewhere so it just did not manage to impress too much. The set includes a portion of white rice, sliced cucumber and a piece of lettuce. I would suggest to skip the Salted Egg Chicken for now and try the other interesting dishes on their menu like Korean Sweet Spicy Chicken Winglets, Rendang Chicken, Si Chuan Ma La Chicken and Strawberry Jam Peanut Butter Chicken. 

This is an interesting stall set up by passionate people and is worth supporting. It is just a stone's throw away from Ang Mo Kio MRT and it is within walking distance from there. You could also take a bus from the Bus Interchange, alight at the 2nd bus stop.

Block 421 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 SINGAPORE 560421
Operating Hours: 12.00 pm to 8.00 pm (Daily)

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  1. Worst stall ever. Food there is terrible and charged at a horrendous price.