Friday, August 19, 2016

Seng Kee Chicken Rice 新奇鸡饭 : Roasted Duck Rice

I was there for a late lunch and most of the stalls have already sold out or closed including the popular Henry's Chicken Rice that i am looking forward to try. When i was looking an alternative, this stall caught my attention as i spotted a white-haired elderly Uncle manning the stall. There was another customer right in front of me and when the Uncle saw me, he said, 'Only left duck rice'. I decided to have that and added an egg to go along. I was given a piece of roasted duck drumstick out of the remaining half a duck that was hanging there. It was nicely chopped and served with a good portion of rice together with the braised egg by the side, it also served along with a small bowl of boiled peanut soup for $4.50.

I guess they must have run out of the plain rice as it was served with the chicken broth flavored rice instead, it did go well though. Their roasted duck might not be amongst the best that i have tasted but it was nicely done. The skin was thin though no longer crispy but the meat was rather flavorful and tender, not as greasy as well. It is good enough to eat it by itself and to omit the accompanied chilli totally.

The boiled peanut soup was lightly flavored, there were a few peanuts and a part of chicken feet in it.

Overall, it was a simple yet satisfying lunch. I would be interested to try their Chicken Rice or even the Curry Chicken Noodle if i happen to be in this food centre again.

119 Commonwealth Crescent #02-78 Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre SINGAPORE 140119

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