Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lin Da Qiang Steamed Fish Head 林大强酱蒸鱼头 :Good KL Hokkien Mee!

Have you ever get really excited over eating a particular dish just like i did over this KL Hokkien Mee? It is not a common dish to be found in Singapore particularly a really good one, this one has actually left an impression after i tasted it the first time. I went to take away and it still tasted good when i had it at home. I decided to go back for the second time and i will eat it right there this time, it should be much nicer when eat it hot. It was after 2 pm after the lunch crowd, i ordered the KL Hokkien Mee  at $5 without much hesitation. I was looking around for a table when i was asked for the table number, the aunty said in Cantonese, 'Just find a table around here'. It was served by an elderly Uncle in just a while. He said, 'Slowly, slowly, no hurry.' in Cantonese. He said that when he saw me digging in my purse to pay.

The portion was good for just $5 with ingredients like prawns, sliced meat with greens and topped with a handful of crispy fried pork lards to serve. 

It is the dark sauce that provide the aromatic fragrance and succulent flavor to the thick noodles, it has a well-balanced taste of a mild sweetness with a hint of savouriness. It serves with just a saucer of red cut chilli and not the sambal chilli like the famous KL Hokkien Mee at Jalan Petaling in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia. Those tasty crispy pork lards have added a depth of flavor to bring forth the delightful flavor.

It has all the elements that a good KL Hokkien Mee should has, this is definitely one of the best that i have eaten in Singapore so far. It is not just the good food but also the old-fashioned heartwarming service that has left an impression here.

Lin Da Qiang Steamed Fish Head 林大强酱蒸鱼头
335 Smith Street #02-072 Chinatown Complex Food Centre SINGAPORE 050335
Operating Hours: 12.00 pm to 8.30 pm

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