Tuesday, September 6, 2016

133 Seafood Kitchen : Hidden Gem in Ang Mo Kio

This was, in fact, my third visit though i have been staying around corner for quite a while. The first time when i visited was after reading a recommendation that i came across on the net. I ordered Salted Egg Sotong ($10.00) and Sweet & Sour Pork ($8.00) then and i liked it. I went to speak with the lady at their counter to confirm their operating hours and i told her that their salted egg dish is good. Stan, the boss, was just seated at the table next to it and he asked, 'Which salted egg dish is good?'. I told him that i enjoyed the Salted Egg Sotong that i ordered. He said, 'Then, come back more often and bring your family here next time.' He even told me that they actually offer delivery service for order above $20 for free.

I came back the second time to take away their Sated Egg Chicken with Rice for $5. It was still good even after i had it much later when gotten home. And, i came back this time to again order their Salted Egg Sotong. I wanted to try their Mongolian Pork Rib but i was told that they are not doing it but was recommended to try their 奶黄排骨, i did not get the English name, if i have guess it correctly, it should be known as Creamy Pork Rib which they do not have it indicated on their menu. The dish is priced at $12. I also ordered the Seafood Soup ($5) with 2 plates of rice at 0.50 cents each.

The friendly auntie that took our order came back with a saucer of red cut chilli and another saucer of belachan chilli together with bowls and cutlery. 

She then came back a while later with 2 glasses of Chrysanthemum with Wolfberries Jelly. She said in Chinese, '请你们吃.', as it is complimentary. 

Salted Egg Sotong came first. Though we ordered the smallest portion but it was quite substantial and definitely more than enough for 2 pax to share. I had it the second time as still loving it, it was nicely deep-fried before coated with salted egg sauce, it still have its crispiness intact even after left it for a while, which is really good. This has to be one of the better salted egg dishes that i have eaten so far. 

This Salted Egg Sotong is definitely a must-try if you are here, this is my all time favourite dish that i am going come back often for it.

The Creamy Pork Ribs came next. It has a distinctive curry flavor and it is creamy with bits of chilli and curry leaves added to enhance its flavor.

I was told by that friendly lady that this is one of their signature dishes. It is good though not quite memorable as their salted egg dishes are more outstanding.

The Seafood Soup came last. It is quite a big portion for $5. It consists of sliced fish, prawn, sotong, cabbage, yam and others. It has a rather slight herbal-ish taste particularly right at the bottom of the soup. 

This is old-school cze char stall is one of the hidden gems in Ang Mo Kio that not many known about, they are in competition with another 2 cza char stalls which are just within walking distance from their location. I hope their friendly service and tasty dishes will help to fight for their survivability.

Block 133 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 #01-1635 Lian Wah Kopitiam SINGAPORE 560133
Operating Hours: 2.00 pm to 11.00 pm (Daily)

UPDATE: I went back on 15 October 2016 (Saturday) and ordered the Salted Egg Sotong again, there seemed to be a slight drop in the standard, it did not have much salted egg taste though it still crispy.

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