Thursday, September 8, 2016

Yummy Noodle House : Prawn Paste Chicken Noodle

A friend has mentioned about this stall quite recently and suggested that I should try it if I am there for lunch. I was there just last week and walked past it, I stopped to check their operating hours with the lady boss. I was told that their regular off day is usually on Friday. I made an effort to come back on a Wednesday for a late lunch. The lady boss was there.

I asked here, 'What is nice to eat? Do you have a recommendation?' She said, 'Everything is nice. Our Laksa is pretty good and you should also try our handmade meatballs.' I decided to go with Prawn Paste Chicken Noodle ($3.50) and added 3 pieces of meatballs for $1.00 with Wanton Soup ($3.00). She said, 'You have to wait for 5 minutes as we need to deep-fried the Prawn Paste Chicken.' I chatted with her while waiting for it to be ready. 

I said, 'It is good to see young people like yourself wanting to work as hawkers.' She chuckled then said, 'I am actually not that young.' And, that got me to say, 'You look the most is 25 years old.' She laughed and said, 'You should add another 20 years to that.' I was really surprised. I told her that i could not quite believe as she does not look her age. Then i asked her, 'This is a husband-wife team or brother-sister team?' She said, 'Husband-wife team.' Then i asked her, 'Why do you want to be a hawker?' It is a tough trade.' I also asked, 'Do you do this because of its flexible hours in order to have a more balanced family life? Do you have kid?' She replied, 'We used to run cza char stall prior to this. We have a kid.' And, she said, 'We have to be here as early as 8 am to start the preparation and work till evening.' 

I asked her, 'How is the business so far?'. She said, 'A bit quieter now after the private university moved away but it is still manageable.' She then said, 'It is actually better to be in the neighborhood area rather than here that has many private houses. These households have maids and cars so they do not usually lunch here.'

She then placed my orders on the tray and said, 'Enjoy!'. I thanked her before walking away with the tray. 

It consists of a good portion of noodles with 2 pieces of chicken mid-wings with 3 pieces of meatballs and some green, I requested to have extra chilli added but its spiciness did not quite bring forth its flavor. The Prawn Paste Chicken though freshly deep-fried and still have its crispiness intact but not much taste. I would expect better since they used to run a cze char stall. Those handmade meatballs did not leave much impression as well. 

I would think its overall flavor was not bad but there is still much room for improvement.

The Wanton Soup consists of 10 pieces of good-sized wantons, the filling is mainly well-seasoned minced meat and is firmly wrapped in the wrappers. I tasted a bit too much flour in it. They added in quite a bit of green to make this an alternative choice. 

This is an interesting stall manned by a hardworking couple. Do try it if you happen to be there for lunch.

590 Upper Thomson Road #01-08 Sembawang Hills Food Centre SINGAPORE 574419
Operating Hours: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (Closed on Fridays)

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