Thursday, September 1, 2016

Yahava KoffeeWorks : Cappuccino on a Rainy Day

I was just happened to be near there on a rainy day and decided to take shelter in there. This coffee joint is just opposite the Sembawang Hill Food Centre, right at the corner, along the shop houses.

I was served by a friendly lady at the counter. As this was my first visit, i actually asked for a recommendation. She said, 'Since it is pouring outside, you might want to go for a hot drink?'. Then she went ahead to ask, 'Do you like it to have more milk or more coffee?'.  When i replied that i would something that is of a well-balanced of milk and coffee and she recommended that i should try Cappuccino. When i was asked what size do i want and i could not quite decided, she went ahead to say, 'Why not take the medium-sized for a start?'. I paid $5.50 and was given a pager.

I took a seat along the window and watching the rain before the pager buzzed. When i turned around, walking toward the counter, the same friendly lady pointed a cup of coffee that was left on the counter. First sip, it was nicely warm and quite comforting as well as not too acidic with just enough of coffee taste and a good amount of milk added for a well-balanced sweetness. 

I will definitely be back and will bring a book this time. 

Yahava KofffeeWorks
4 Jalan Gelenggang SINGAPORE 578188
Operating Hours: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (Daily)

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