Saturday, September 24, 2016

Master Fried Rice : Far from being a Master

This is one of the newest stalls in this food centre and they have been around for a few months now if i remember correctly. There is hardly a queue and that is why i have never wanting to try it. I only decided to do so when i was there for a late dinner and was left with rather limited options. At that time, there was 2 customers ordering from this stall and i thought i should just give it a try too. 

There are only 3 items on their menu : Master Fried Rice ($3), Ipoh Fried Hor Fun ($3) and Ginger Wine Chicken Bee Hoon ($4).  I decided to go with the Master Fried Rice since that is their signature dish and i also ordered their Ipoh Fried Hor Fun. The waiting time was surprisingly short. I waited right there and gotten both plates almost at the same time, within 5 minutes. You could choose to have it with their sambal chilli or the preserved green chillies. 

Though the portion was good for the fried rice but the taste was quite disappointing as it tasted quite bland with no wok taste detected. The texture of the rice was not greasy but too dry thus not appetising. They fried it with ingredients like char siew, egg, long beans, fried silver fish and added in the chopping spring onion to serve. I tried it with the preserved green chillies then later with the sambal chilli but both did not enhance its flavor further. There was a bit of ginger taste in their sambal chilli which was a turn off. 

If you have ever tried the fried rice from the Chinatown Special (#02-12) at Chinatown Complex Food Centre, this is far from it. That was truly the work of a fried rice from a Master but not this, this particular one is far from being a Master and not quite deserving to be called Master Fried Rice. 

I was hoping that Ipoh Fried Hor Fun will fare better but it was equally disappointing. There was no wok taste as well and with no distinctive flavor from those ingredients added, though there was bits of char siew in it but i could hardly taste it. It was just bland. The texture of those kway teow was quite soft but not mushy, it did not go too well with the preserved green chillies and sambal chilli, too.

The only item that i did not try is the Ginger Wine Chicken Bee Hoon, it might be good but i am not too keen to try it too soon as i do not wish to be disappointed again. Let's just hope that their standard will be improved and i might just give it another chance, but definitely not now. 

Block 724 Ang Mo Kio 6 #01-11 Ang Mo Kio Central Food Centre SINGAPORE 560724
Operating Hours: 11.30 pm to 8.00 pm (Closed on Sundays)

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