Thursday, August 3, 2017

Ah Poh BBQ Seafood : the better BBQ Stingray

It was rather chaotic when we were there for a late dinner on a Saturday, as most of the tables were taken up at that time and the only empty table was right in front of the satay stall, that very much explained why it was the only table available. 

There are 2 stalls serving BBQ seafood, but we decided to order from Ah Poh BBQ Seafood, the most popular stall amongst them. There was another customer ordering when I was there. I decided to go with BBQ Stingray, Sotong and 2 bowls of rice. I was asking Auntie that took my order, "How long would it be? about 30 minutes?" She replied, "No, not that long, should be shorter." I went back to wait at the table. A friendly Uncle came by with chopsticks, spoons and 2 saucers of dipping sauce. 

The Uncle came over with Sotong and the rice. I was expecting the BBQ Sotong, but it turned out to be the Sambal Sotong, the smallest portion is priced at $12. It was my fault as I did not specify that I want BBQ Sotong when ordering, the Auntie did not ask me as well, so I assumed it. It was stir-fried with shredded onion, green pepper, and some chilli but it did not taste too spicy, the sauce reminded me of those that usually for Chilli Crab which was unexpectedly appetising. 

We had waited for another 5 minutes before the same Auntie came over with the BBQ Stingray. And, I said, "Really less than 30 minutes." Auntie replied, "It is usually quite fast as we "long pang" and cook the orders together."

After our first mouthfuls, my dining companion and I agreed that this has to be one of the better-barbecued Stingray that we have ever eaten, it is much better than the famous BBQ Stingray by Hong Chang Eating House along Braddell Road. The smallest portion is reasonably priced at $12 which consists of 2 slices of nicely barbecued stingray; the medium portion is at $15 and the large one at $18. 

The surface was nicely seared to give a slight crisp but still retained its moisture within then smeared with the chilli to serve. I liked the chilli that has a mild level of spiciness and I wished there were more of it; perhaps I could try to request for more when I visit again.

51 Upper Bukit Timah Road #02-119/120 Bukit Timah Food Centre SINGAPORE 588172
Operating Hours: 5.00 pm to 11.00 pm (Daily)

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