Saturday, August 5, 2017

Ming Mun 名门 : the authentic Hong Kong taste

Chef Rex Lam, 42, the founder, came to Singapore from Hong Kong about 3 months ago and brought along his recipe as well as 18 years of experience in roasted meat. The recipe has been adjusted to better suit the taste buds of the locals. The stall has been around for a while but they have been really low key and so, even though it is near to where I stay but I know nothing about them until someone posted it on Facebook.

They are likely to be the only hawker stall that is known for serving Roast Goose, they imported the frozen goose from Hungary as those from China are not approved. It is only available by ordering in advance and on certain days, particularly on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was reported recently in the newspaper that half of their roasted goose costs $128 as there is an increase in the price of frozen goose, from the initial $80 to $150 per bird, to actually justify it. The availability of Roast Goose is quite indefinite as the source of supply is not reliable for now.

The roast goose was not available when We were there on a Sunday for lunch. We decided to go with a quarter Roast Duck ($13.00) with Char Siew ($4.00) for 2 pax together with 2 plates of rice ($0.50 cents each). I ordered the Roasted Pork too, but they did not get the order as I could not communicate well in Cantonese when I ordered through Chef Lam. As it is self-service, I waited there for it to be served. When Chef Lam handed the plate of roasted meat to me, he said, "慢慢食" in Cantonese, which means "enjoy your meal."

The skin was slightly crisp with a slight smokiness and still retained its moisture within, it was so tender and juicy. My dining companion got pretty excited over it. He exclaimed, "It tasted just like what I had eaten in Hong Kong." It has a pretty authentic taste as Chef Lam insists on using a classic blend of spices and herbs as the marinade, providing a savory flavor and not as sweet as some of the others roasted ducks in Singapore. 

The Char Siew was really good, and its standard is even close to Roast Paradise which is known for their amazingly good Char Siew. It had a perfect lean-to-fat ratio and nicely caramelized with charred edges but still tender within.

As a frequent traveler to Hong Kong, I can attest that this is one of the closest choices that you can get without flying to Hong Kong.

Block 159 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 SINGAPORE 560159
Operating Hours: 10.00 am to 9.00 pm (Daily)

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