Thursday, August 31, 2017

Ong Yong Lee Seafood : the hidden gem

We stumbled upon this Cze Cha stall when going to the other coffee shop for dinner. Almost all their tables were take up during dinner. This prompted us to return the next day to check it out. We were there slightly after 7 pm and again, most of the tables were occupied and left just a big table. We went to sit at that table but was told to move to a smaller table, right at the corner. The elderly Uncle pointed to that table and said, "I will get you another chair." 

He then attempted to take our orders. I decided to go with their signature Double Treasure Dry Hor Fun, Salted Egg Chicken and Prawn Paste Chicken. Uncle said, "All chicken dishes?" which I replied, "We prefer to eat chicken." Uncle then said, "Then you should try the 麦芽鸡 (Maltose Chicken). I said, "We will try next time." Uncle replied, "We have it just for today and it is not on the menu." He continued to say, "It is a small chicken, just nice for 2 to share."  We decided to go with his recommendation then.

We waited for about 45 minutes before the first dish was served. It was delivered by the same Uncle to our table. Uncle apologetically said, "The waiting time is usually long during weekends. You will have to come early or come late to avoid such waiting time."

The Salted Egg Chicken came first. My dining companion enjoyed it, he said, "This is very nice particularly those pieces of thinly sliced deep-fried taro." Those pieces of fried chicken were evenly coated with salted egg sauce with bits of the salted egg on it. 

Next, it came the 麦芽鸡, the same Uncle delivered it. He said, "This is my recommendation. Have a try to see whether you like it or not". Then, he asked, "Any more dishes?" I said, "We are still waiting for the Double Treasure Dry Hor Fun." 

The 麦芽鸡 is actually tasted like the usual roasted chicken. The skin was paper thin and rather crispy with a slight sweetness derived from the marinade that is using malt sugar as its main ingredient. Though plainish, it was quite tasty and kind of special, we enjoyed it.

Apparently, the Double Treasure Dry Hor Fun did not come. I went to the counter for payment and I said, "The Double Treasure Dry Hor Fun did not serve. Can I have it take away?" The same Uncle overheard it, he asked, "So, you did not get the hor fun? I am so sorry about it." He then asked, "How was the 麦芽鸡?" He said, "You can eat Prawn Paste Chicken anytime but not this."I said, "It was very nice, a bit like the roasted chicken." Uncle said, "It is actually better than the normal roasted chicken", which I agreed. The total bill came to $33, which is much cheaper than we expected. 

All in all, the standard, which is, well, very impressive and I am eager to return for their other dishes. 

Block 151 Bishan Street 11 #01-207 Ong Yong Lee Eating House SINGAPORE 570151
Operating Hours: 5.00 pm to 11.00 pm (Daily)


  1. The same coffee shop houses a Song Kee fishball noddles branch which opens till lunch time. He is the uncle of the one in Joo Chiat. Remember to ask for extra chili.

  2. Saw it. Will go back to try. Thanks for the info.