Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Yankee Chicken : Salt Baked Chicken

We happened to sit at a table right beside this stall, though no queue but there were random customers quite constantly. This stall is serving Salt Chicken and we decided to go with the Drumstick set ($5.50) out of curiosity. There is also the option for half a chicken at $10.90 and a whole chicken at $19.90. Besides, they serve different types of satay as well, chicken satay and pork satay at 0.60 cents together with mutton satay at 0.70 cents. They also have Bak Kwa at $25.00 per 500 grams. 

It was manned by an elderly Uncle all by himself. He was busy when I wanted to order. He said, "You need to wait for a while." When I asked him whether should I pay first, he said, "It is alright. You can pay later." I pointed to the table where I would be.

He came by about 5 minutes later with my order. The chicken drumstick is served along with a pile of rice and some lettuce with a saucer of chilli by the side. My first impression was that it did not look too appetizing but no longer think so after tasted it and I know what they meant by "手撕" (hand-torn) on their signboard. The texture of the salt baked chicken was so soft that it could be easily pulled apart by just using hands unlike some of those salt baked chickens that I had tried which often came with very dry meat. It was so tasty that could be eaten without the accompanying chilli sauce. I said to my dining companion, "This is good, meat is so soft and flavorful." and I urged him to try it too. He shared the same opinion after he took the first bite. We enjoyed it very much.

When leaving, the Uncle was with a friend, seated at the table right behind us. I said to him, "The chicken is very nice." Uncle replied, "I am just a worker." He continued to say, "Come back more often then." I would take away a whole chicken when I come by again. This is a simple dish but unexpectedly memorable. 

505 Beach Road #01-96 Golden Mile Food Centre SINGAPORE 199583

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