Sunday, March 10, 2019

Hammee's : a Cheeseburger experience

Kelvin Hong, 31 and Vivian Tan, 25, this young couple is the owners of this unassuming stall serving only burgers which opened on 29 November 2018. They used to sell white bee hoon at another hawker centre prior to opening this stall. Their menu is simple, consisting of their signature Cheeseburger for $6 and a Double Cheeseburger for $8 with an option to add smoked bacon for $2. They have recently introduced a premium burger that consists of a thicker patty with lettuce and tomato. There is also Chicken Burger with an option to between the original flavor and the spicy flavor. Each order of burger is served with fries. They used to serve wings and waffles but have since stopped doing so. 

I was there at about 12.30 pm and there was just another customer in front of me. Vivian was there to take the order. I decided to go with Double Cheeseburger ($8.00) and added smoked bacon ($2.00) together with the original flavor Chicken Burger ($5.50). I was told to come back 30 minutes later with the wooden clip that has got a number on it for collection. While waiting, there was a delivery guy sending over a few boxes of burger buns from Bakery Artisan Original (BAO) followed by another guy delivery a box of Cowhead cheddar cheese. We happened to seat right in front of the stall. Vivian came over to check our number. She served the Chicken Burger first. She said, "The Double Cheeseburger is coming up soon." She sent it over about 5 minutes later. 

Chicken Burger though did not taste as memorable as the Cheeseburger but it was still pretty good. The chicken thigh is pounded using a meat mallet and marinate overnight to infuse the flavor before deep-frying. It was served with the homemade coleslaw and their special sauce, sandwiched between the buttered and toasted buns. 

The well-seasoned chicken patty was fried well to the ideal crispy state. The homemade coleslaw added textural contrast and also a refreshing twist. The fries though lightly sprinkled but it did not have much flavor. 

The beef patty is handmade with a combination of chuck, brisket, and short rib for a good leanness-to-fat ratio. It was then grilled to the desired doneness before serving on the buttered and toasted buns together with their special sauce, caramelized onions, pickled jalapeno, melted cheese, and grilled bacon. Beef tallow is added in the cooking process to giving it the flavor.

I asked my dining companion, "How is this Cheeseburger in comparison to the In-N-Out Burger?" And, he replied, "This is good even though the In-N-Out Burger is slightly superior in taste as their thick cheddar cheese is giving its more flavor." He continued to say, ""Their buns are much better than those used by the In-N-Out Burger though." The buns have a desirable softness and toasted well to have a slight crisp on its surface. 

This Cheeseburger is making the taste of In-N-Out Burger so forgettable. Their burgers are comfy food that is free of artificial preservatives. Burgs, a Muslim owned burger specialty stall at Golden Mile Food Centre with their other stall at Viva Business Park is another cheap and good burger to try. 

31 Commonwealth Crescent #02-93 Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre SINGAPORE 149644
Operating Hours: 11.00 am to 5.00 pm (Closed on Mondays)

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