Thursday, March 14, 2019

Triio's Corner : Pork Burger, worth a try

We were there for lunch on a Sunday. We decided to try the Pork Burger ($6.50) and Chicken Burger ($5.50). Luke was there, manning the stall all by himself. He sent the food over when it was ready. He came over and joined us at the table later. He asked, "You are a food blogger? I saw you taking pictures." I nodded my head and said, "I have a food blog."

He told us that he is working with his friends and they are his bosses. He asked, "How was the food?" My dining companion replied, "I think a bit too much sauce. You could not really taste the flavor of the patty. The pork patty is actually quite nice though." Luke told us that mayonnaise is used and the other sauce is their homemade honey sauce. Luke said, "Some customers actually preferred to have it with more sauce so it is a little difficult on our part." 

I said, "Pork Burger is not too common in Singapore." Luke replied, "Actually not many know that we serve Pork Burger." He pointed at the standing banner outside the coffee shop and said, "Our friends suggested we should make a banner to promote the Pork Burger." I also said, "The food presentation is impressive." And, Luke replied, "We managed to get those trays online and they even provide the engraving of our stall name for free. The previous owner actually left us some plates which we did not like."

I asked, "There is no beef burger here?" He replied, "We have actually working on the beef burger but have yet to launch it." He also said, "There are another 2 Western food stalls in the food centre so business here is quite competitive. But we have been around for about 1 year and it has been sustainable so far." He also mentioned, "We have very little control of the quality of the burger buns as we get them from the supplier, it can be inconsistent at times."

I said, "Paying $4.50 for an extra patty is a little on the high side but again, the rental in the coffee shop is usually higher as compared to running a stall in the hawker centre." Luke said, "We usually recommend to go for the double patties as you could actually taste the flavor better." He also said, "We actually made everything from scratch and we could only make so many at one time, it is very much for the efforts rendered." 

He mentioned, "We are in the midst to revamp the menu. We might replace the baked beans and garlic bread with rice. We might also reduce the prices further to make it more affordable." My dining companion said, "The pricing is reasonable and the portion is quite filling too." Luke said, "Our Chicken Cutlet is quite popular and its size is actually bigger than my face."

Their burgers might not be amongst the best that I have eaten but I could taste the sincerity amidst these.

Block 19 Toa Payoh Lorong 7 #01-264 SINGAPORE 310019
Operating Hours: 12.00 pm to 10.00 pm (Daily)

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