Friday, October 11, 2013

Bear Bites

It was my first visit after came across it on a recent TV programme and after reading many good reviews. It was my curiosity that prompted me to give it a try.

I was there on a weekday for lunch. I expected it to be crowded with a long waiting time but there was just another table then. I decided to order a set of Karaage Chicken Meal for $7.80 and added $1.00 to change the Fries to Cheese Fries. And, i ordered a Oishii Fish Fillet Burger. I wanted the milk bun for the chicken and the yam bun for the fish. I selected the cheese sauce to go with both. 

I was given a number tag and asked to collect it later. 

Oishii Fish Burger. A piece of fried fish fillet was sandwiched in between the cutesy looking steamed bun with a printed paw. The accompanied slices of tomato and lettuce tasted fresh but i could not say the same about the fried fish fillet. It tasted a tad too fishy to my liking. The diluted cheese sauce did not help to enhance its taste further as it was rather watery in texture with not a bit of cheese taste. 

Karaage Crispy Chicken Burger. It fared slightly better than the fried fish fillet. The moisture of the steamed bun has gotten the freshly fried chicken fillet to be rather soggy and slightly greasy. The diluted cheese sauce was a let down. 

Cheese Fries. It tasted just normal though the cheese sauce tasted better. 

I guess this is going to be an one off experience. The taste did not quite justify the price here. 

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