Monday, October 28, 2013

Duke Bakery

Where would you be on a beautiful Sunday? I went to the Grand Opening of Duke Bakery, the most talked about bakery in town. I gotten the news from the facebook page of 'What To Eat Singapore' about their opening.

Duke Bakery is originated from Taiwan serving tasty Japanese European style of breads that indirectly in promoting healthy eating. Their breads are freshly handmande and baked daily using the freshest ingredients including the yeast from fermented fruits for a natural flavours. There would be 60 different types of breads available daily to get their customers to keep coming back for more. 

I was there at about 10 am. There was already a small crowd of mostly invited guests crowding the entrance of the bakery. A brief introduction of the bakery was given by the DJ while waiting for the arrival of Fann Wong to initiate the Opening Ceremony at about 10.45 am.

Fann Wong arrived with Jerry Huang, an artiste from Taiwan together with the founder of the bakery for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. The bakery was then declared officially opened and this followed by a private party for the VIPs and the invited guests from 11 to 12 pm. 

To celebrate the Grand Opening, a 40% discount given store wide from 12 pm to 9 pm. I heard most items have been sold out by 7 pm. If you happened to be one of the disappointed ones then you might be delightful to know there is a 20 discount given to all items with no minimum spending required. And for purchase above $20, a life time membership Privilege Card is given that entitled you to a good 10% purchase each visit thereafter.

I joined the queue right outside bakery at about 11.25 am. The queue though long but was rather systematic and everyone waited patiently for their turn to enter the bakery. I waited till about 12 pm before being ushered into the bakery.

There are a good range of breads available from about $3.30 to $8.50. Unlike other bakeries, tasting is allowed before you decide what to buy. A plastic container consisted rather big pieces of nicely cut bread displayed with toothpick attached to each piece for tasting purpose. 

After tasted quite a few, i settled for Chocolate Buns (5 pieces in a bag) at $4.50, Carlbell at $6.60 and Swiss Chocolate at $3.30. The discounted amount for all is $12.60 from $21.00. These would be for my dinner later.

I met Esther Gan, a long lost friend there. We used to be ex colleague working in the same company and left contact after we both left. She was with the 6oz Expresso Bar there. We chatted for a bit. We exchanged the contact and she initiated a meet up with our ex colleagues then. 

A gentleman spotted us chatting and came over. Esther mentioned to him that i keep a Blog too. The gentleman went away and came back with a brochure contained the Privilege Card and then a goodie bag for me. There was a bag of Chocolate Buns and the Signature Crown in the bag. This made me happy.  I wanted the Signature Crown earlier but none left on the shelf.

And, i am indeed the privileged fews to be given the Privilege Card. This means i will get to enjoy more of these fantastic breads at a 10% discounted price each time. 

Signature Crown is one of the recommended items promoted as one of the Four Kings. Thus, this is a definite must try. It has a beautiful crown shape nicely formed by 5 buns that contained of generous filling of cream cheese. This would likely be the new found love for cream cheese lover like myself. The texture of bread has a delightful chewiness together with a noticeable softness. It still tasted so good even after left it for hours and to best enjoy it is to heat it lightly to give it a slight warmth. 

A bag of 5 Chocolate Buns is affordably priced at $4.50. This is another item in the range of Four Kings. I'd think this is a must eat particularly for chocolate lovers. I could taste the good quality chocolate is used as part of the ingredients to bake these lovely Chocolate Buns. The texture is rather fluffy and moist within with a ball of chocolate and cocoa filling in it. The rich chocolate taste is simply irresistible. 

Swiss Chocolate. A beautifully looking bun on its own for $3.30. A simple bun with delightful fluffiness though it is without filling but it still tasted pretty good on its own. 

Carlbell is another personal favourite listed as part of the Four Kings. This is quite a big bread for $6.60. It is of a substantial size to have it for lunch or even for dinner. The sourness of the dried cranberry incorporated nicely with the light sweetness of the cream cheese to surprise your taste bud pleasantly. 

There is a Post Grand Opening Special Promotions going on now. A good 20% discount off storewide with no minimum purchase required from 28 October 2013 (Monday) to 4 November 2013 (Monday). You can choose from a delightful range of freshly baked Japanese European style artisan bread with a twist of Taiwan. And, you will be give a FREE Lifetime Membership with 10% discount off future purchase if you spent a minimum of $20 worth of breads.

NOTE: Re-visited on 31 October 2013 (Thursday) at about 2.30 pm. The shelves were almost empty. When checked with the staff on the next batch of Carlbell, i was told there's only a batch per day. I felt a certain amount of efforts should be put in to ensure there is enough supply to meet the demand particularly when there is an on-going promotion of 20% discount. 

101 Thomson Road
#01-02/03 United Square

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