Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Saveur at Far East Plaza

Apparently, the standard was not as good as compared to their other outlet at Purvis Street. I went on a Saturday for lunch. It was not as crowded as expected but it gotten longer much later. The space is not as spacious as other outlet too. While we were waiting for our foods, there were quite a few people waiting for tables.

I decided to try the supposedly popular Saveur's Pasta ($4.90) for the first time. It came as quite a surprise. I'd think it tasted much nicer than expected. The pasta was cooked to achieve the delightful texture. It was al dente though not as hard as compared to some served in the Italian restaurants. Though it was supposedly to be tossed with Chilli's Oil but the level of spiciness was rather mild. It tasted so mild and you might not even noticed it if you left out the description when ordered from the menu. It served with a generous bit of finely chopped Japanese Konbu and Sakura Ebi rested on the Minced Pork Sauce. When tossed it well, the taste was amazing and it exceeded my expectation of this simple looking appetiser. I would definitely order this again when i am back. 

We ordered 2 portions of Duck Confit ($12.90) this time. The waiting time was unexpectedly short. When served, the presentation did not look as good as the one we had over at Purvis Street. I'd expect the skin to have a thorough brownish color but the edge seemed to be still a slightly yellowish. When cut it, it was rather soft and not crispy at all. Luckily, the central area was done just right. 

The mashed potato was comparably good though. I particularly enjoyed smoothness and softness of the texture. It just melted away effortlessly in the mouth. It tasted especially good when eaten together with the sauteed Shitake Mushroom. The orange infused jus did not have a distinctive orange taste but rather a pleasant savoury taste.

We ordered the Chocolate and Hazelnut ($7.90) for the first time, too. It is a pile of chocolate mousse served with crushed hazelnut, broken raspberries, roasted rice pugffs, chocolate tuile and praline. As i am not quite a fan of chocolate mousse, i did not quite appreciate it but my lunch companion enjoyed it quite a bit. I guess it should be good. 

The Pistachio Panna Cotta ($6.90) is still my all time favourite. 

14 Scotts Road #01-07B Far East Plaza

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