Thursday, October 10, 2013

Epok Epok Central

I was there to check out this food centre when came across this particular stall that seems to be specialised in the curry and sardine Epok Epok. I have always been a huge fan of this local snack. And, what exactly is Epok Epok? It is more commonly known as Curry Puff or Sardine Puff.   

I was excited but a little too full so i ended up getting just a sardine and a curry Epok Epok for 0.40 cents each. 

The size of both types of Epok Epok was really small. You might be wondering how small it is. Well, it is so small that it only took me 2 mouthfuls to finish one of it. I went for the Curry Epok Epok first. I was slightly disappointed after the first mouthful as it was rather hollow in it with very little curry potato filling. 

The potato has got a nicely mushy texture with a light curry taste though. The pastry tasted rather light, thin and not too greasy.  

The Sardine Epok Epok did not fare any better. It was equally hollow in it with very little sardine filling but the sardine filling tasted well.

I would think 0.40 cents for such a small piece of Epok Epok is considerably expensive.  I was told by a someone on a particular forum that it is possible to get a better tasting and bigger Epok Epok in the same area. Though it tasted nice but the size did not quite justified the price charged for each so i doubt i am likely to go back.

On the side note, their traditional type of Nasi Lemak is strongly recommended on the same forum. I guess i might just try it if i happen to be there again.

Block 4A Eunos Crescent
Enuos Crescent Food Centre #01-09

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