Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nara Thai Cuisine

I was chosen as the winner of their Grand Prize in their facebook contest conducted to celebrate their Grand Opening in September 2013. This Grand Prize is a meal for 4. I wanted to make a reservation on a Saturday to claim my prize but i was told reservation is only allowed from Monday to Thursday. 

I went early on that day with my friends. I presented my letter and it was then shown it to the Duty Manager before ushered us to our table. The restaurant has got a cosy ambience but it got pretty packed later. The menu offers an extensive selection of different types of Thai Cuisines for selection. The best way to make decision on what to order might be to follow the illustration given in the attached picture to the dish. 

We were told to order 4 drinks, 4 appetizers, 4 main courses and 4 desserts. For a start, we decided to order 3 glasses of Lemon Glass Juice ($6.50 each) and a glass of Thai Iced Tea ($5.90). Then, we selected Pandan Chicken ($12.90), Fried Squid ($13.90), Barbequed Chicken in Thai Style Marinade ($9.90) and Deep-fried Minced Prawns in Spring Roll Sheet ($10.90). We decided to have Stir-fried Soft Shell in Yellow Curry ($18.90), Fried Prawns with Sweet Tamarind Sauce ($28.90), Green Curry with Beef ($13.90) and Grilled Duck with Crispy Hot Basil ($18.90). We wanted 2 servings of Coconut Ice-cream with Assorted Thai Sweet Condiments ($8.80 each), Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk ($6.80) and Red Ruby in Coconut Milk & Crushed Ice ($6.80) as desserts.

Lemon Glass Juice ($6.50) and Thai Iced Tea ($5.90). The refreshing of the Lemon Glass Juice is simply irresistible. Friend commented it was one of the better ones that she ever tasted. The taste of Lemon Grass was not overpowering but rather soothing. 

The Thai Iced Tea is definitely another good choice. I overhead the Service Staff telling the customers seated at the next table. He said, their Thai Iced Tea is very authentic and it is a must try. It was nicely sweetened with a comforting fragrance. 

Fried Prawns with Sweet Tamarind Sauce ($28.90) The prawns were nicely deep fried to give it the desirable crispiness then served along with the sweet tamarind sauce. The prawns have got a noticeable freshness and its taste was nicely enhanced by the sauce. It still tasted crispy even after left it for a bit.

Pandan Chicken ($12.90). This was the appetizer that we enjoyed the most. The marinated chicken pieces were wrapped in pandan leaf then deep-fried to give it the nice pandan flavor. It tasted good with or without the sauce. The chicken meat still tasted tender and juicy. 

Green Curry with Beef ($13.90) This was probably the not so appetizing amongst the mains. The texture of thinly sliced beef was slightly chewy and a little tough. The taste of green curry was creamy and rich though.

Fried Squid ($13.90). We felt this is the worst appetizer of all. It was slightly greasy and rather soggy with an extreme chewiness. Apparently, the dipping sauce did not play a apart to enhance its flavor further.

Grilled Duck with crispy hot basil leaves. ($18.90) Slices of tasty roasted duck was served with a deep fried Hot Basil. It was done well to give the handful of basil a delightful crispiness. It tasted good when eaten with the roasted duck.

Deep-fried Minced Prawns in Spring Roll Sheet ($10.90). Its taste was pretty close to fish paste. Though it was supposed to be wrapped in Spring Roll Sheet but the actual texture was slightly closer to beancurd skin for ngor hiang. It tasted good when dipped it into the sweet tasting dipping sauce.

Barbequed Chicken in Thai Style Marinade ($9.90). It is grilled marinated chicken on skewers. It did not taste particularly spicy nor salty but rather light. The best way to enjoy it is to dip it into the sauce that served along. 

Stir-fried Soft Shell in Yellow Curry ($18.90) The fresh tasting soft shell crabs were deep fried first before stir-fried it in Yellow Curry. The crispiness was not quite compromised when it served. The aromatic curry was rich, fragrant and not too spicy. 

Coconut Ice-cream with Assorted Thai Sweet Condiments ($8.80 each). It was a lovely choice. The assorted Thai sweet condiments served in 8 different glasses consisting red rubies, slices of jackfruit, sticky rice, atap seeds, sweet corns, peanuts, cendol and nata de coco. 

 Though their prices are slightly higher than most Thai restaurants but the ambience and quality of the foods are worthy of the experience. 

Myself and my guests truly enjoyed the foods and the experience. 

Thank you, Nara Thai Cuisine.

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