Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pork Bun at Seng Huat Coffee House (Hougang Central)

It was not a particular pleasant lunch right there though it has started good initially. I was told by a PRC sounding lady rather rudely that no photography is allowed though there is no signage to indicate so. She even attempted to follow me around to make sure i do not do it. She kept insisting that i would have to ask the permission in order to take pictures there. And, i asked whether taking pictures is allowed in this instance. She refused to reply me but instead she asked me where am i from and what do i want. When i told her that i keep a blog and the pictures are to be posted there. She replied with a rather cynical smile that photography is not allowed for that purpose. 

I still went ahead to place my order despite the unhappy encounter. I went to the drink counter and ordered a cup of coffee, a Pork Bun ($3.50) as well as the Hong Kong Fried Noodle ($3.50) for a total of $8.10. I was given a pager and asked to come back to collect the foods when it buzzed. 

I waited for about 10 minutes before it buzzed. The presentation of the Hong Kong Fried Noodle was not as appealing as it shown on the poster. The maggie noodle was simply fried with bits of ham and egg. The texture of the chicken chop was a tad dry with no distinctive taste. It was served with cheese sauce, chilli sauce and mayonnaise by the side.

The Pork Bun was an interesting find. Pieces of black pepper tasting pork chops were sandwiched in between the pig-head shaped buns with a piece of cheese and mayonnaise. I requested to leave out the chilli sauce.

Pieces of odd shaped pork chops were unevenly seasoned with black pepper and grilled it. The texture was a rather too thin tad a little dry.

The overall taste was acceptable though but i am not quite likely to travel all the way there just to eat it again. That behavior of that particular lady contributed largely to such decision.

Block 811 Hougang Central #01-206 SINGAPORE 530811.

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