Friday, April 25, 2014

Bei-Ing Yun Tuen (Wanton) Noodle at Roxy Square

I spotted this noodle stall when ordering the Katong Laksa right beside. The smallest portion is at $3.00 then followed by $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00. I was asked to come by in a bit to collect it. I was their only customer then so i gotten it pretty quickly. 

It came with 2 pieces of fried wantons and another 2 pieces of soup wantons together with quite a few pieces of thinly sliced Char Siew. I tossed the noodle lightly in the pool of dark sauce then had my first mouthful. The noodle was nicely cooked though lacking in eggy taste. I requested to have chilli added but i could not quite taste any spiciness in it. The texture of char siew was slightly dry and not too flavorful.

The soup that served along with the noodle was rather bland with just a rather light peppery taste.

This is not amongst the best wanton noodle that i eaten so not quite likely to come back. 

50 East Coast Road #01-64 Roxy Square SINGAPORE 428769.

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