Friday, July 29, 2016

Patissez Singapore : the Creator of FreakShakes

Patissez, the creator of the original Over The Top Milkshake or better known as Freakshake from Australia is in Singapore now. Prior to their opening here, they are already others like Cake Spade and Benjamin Browns that have been serving such milkshake for a while. Singapore is the second outlet outside Australia as the first outlet has opened in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia.

You might be wondering what exactly is a freakshake? it is none other than piling the overflowing milkshake with their house-made ingredients like the whipped cream, peanut caramel semifreddo pop and torched marshmallow together with cakes, cookies and Nutella. 

The freakshakes are created using less ice-cream as well as replaced the regular milk by using frozen milk for a smoother and creamier consistency and to reduce its level of sweetness. There are currently have only 4 freakshakes on their menu, namely Pretzella, Mint Condition, Muddy Pat and Sneaky Freak at $16 each.  

It seems to be a must-try for a milkshake lover like myself. I decided to go with Pretzella and Sneaky Freak together with Tropical Hot Cakes.

Sneaky Freak is Snickers inspired shake with gooey salted peanut caramel, chocolate mousse, sneaky pop-slide (peanut caramel semifredo pop dipped in chocolate rolled in liquid marshmallow and torched for service). I did not like it as much, it was a bit too sweet and no distinct flavor.

Pretzella is a nutellary nutella shake that is made of lashings of Nutella, salty pretzels, vanilla mousse, Nutella dunked salty pretzels and pretzel dust. It is my preference choice amongst the 2 freakshakes that i ordered, it has a distinct hazelnut flavor along with the mild saltiness of those crunchy pretzels that balanced the level of sweetness. 

The other 2 choices that i did not order are Mint Condition and Muddy Pat. Mint Condition is a mint & chunky chocolate shake that is made of gooey chocolate sauce, mint milk crumb, mint chocolate semifredo and chocolate cookie sandwich and more chocolate fudge sauce. This would be a refreshing choice. Muddy Pat is made of gooey chocolate fudge sauce with chocolate ganache, vanilla mousse, chocolate brownie and torched house made marshmallow. This is recommended for chocolate lovers.

After tasted Sneaky Freak and Pretzella freakshakes, I did not like it as much as i thought i would and i actually would be happier with just a simple Strawberry milkshake. 

Tropical Hot Cake is a light and fluffy buttermilk hot cakes served with house made honeycomb, caramelised mango, orange segments, saffron mango reduction, vanilla ice-cream and fresh mint. The fluffy hot cakes still tasted warm even after i done with photo taking. 

On their menu, there are selection for all-day brunch and mains for alternative choices. Bacon Jam Toasty ($13) is amongst the recommended items, it consists of a piece of sourdough toast served with bacon jam and topped with eggs, smashed avocado and cherry tomatoes. Another interesting item that might worth a try is their Freak Burger ($25) which serves with 2 pieces of beef patties, bacon slices, bacon jam, American cheese and house-made BBQ sauce. It is served along with a portion of fries with their special sauce. 

I do not foresee myself coming back here too soon, and definitely not paying another $16.00 for one of their freakshakes but i might be back for their Tropical Hot Cakes though or try their Freak Burger. 

118 Holland Avenue #01-06 SINGAPORE 278997
Operating Hours: 10.00 am to 10.00 pm (Mon to Fri) / 9.00 am to 10.00 pm (Sat & Sun)

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