Thursday, February 27, 2014

5 Little Bears : Authentic Taiwanese Street Foods

We were there for a quick dinner before the movie premiere of 'Non-Stop' at Shaw Lido at about 6 pm. The place was rather packed then but there were quite a few of empty tables available.  We proceed to the first counter to place our orders, paid up and given a number tag. I was told to look out for the number on the LED display panel for collection. 

We decided on Set A and Set B. Set A consists of the famous Taichung Braised Pork Rice (台中滷肉饭) and a drink for $5.90 and Set B consists of X Large Chicken Chop (超大鸡排), Sour Plum Sweet Potato (甘梅薯條) and a drink for $8.80. We wanted a Wintermelon Tea (古早味东瓜茶) and Coffee Black Tea (咖啡红茶) to serve along with the sets. 

The number was flashed in a few minutes to pick up the Braised Pork Rice together with the 2 drinks. The Braised Pork Rice was served in quite a big bowl topped with a generous portion of braised pork, salted vegetable, stalks of vegetable and half of a braised egg. Such a bowl of Braised Pork Rice is reasonably priced at $4.80 by itself.

The braised meat though slightly fatty but it did not taste too oily with just the right texture at desired softness. The perfect way to enjoy it is to eat it with the salted vegetable in every mouthful. Though it might not be as nice as the one by Shin Yeh but this is amongst one of the nicest that i ever eaten in Singapore. I do hope such a standard is to be maintained.

The X Large Chicken Chop and the Sour Plum Sweet Potato were served together to our table by a friendly Auntie.

The chicken chop was nicely deep-fried to give it the delightful crispiness and not overly greasy as well. Though it is likely to pre-fried and re-do it again just before served but it has done well to not compromising its texture. It was served with a pile of chilli powder aside to complement and further enhance the taste of the chicken chop. The level of spiciness was just right for me but was a bit too spicy for my dinner companion.

I would think the Sour Plum Sweet Potato was a good choice too. The chunky pieces of sweet potato were coated lightly with the batter and deep-fried well to give it the crispiness then placed it on the pile of sour plum powder to serve. The sweetness of the sweet potato went along perfectly with the sour plum powder.

The overall experience was quite a pleasant surprise. I am already looking forward to coming back to try the others on their menu.

14 Scotts Road #01-07 Far East Plaza SINGAPORE 228213.

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