Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lau Wang Claypot Delights : That Homely Taste.

We decided to come by here for a quick dinner before heading to NEX for movie. We were there at about 5.30 pm and the shop was rather empty then. I have tried the Sesame Oil Chicken and the Ginger & Spring Onion Liver and Kidney before and enjoyed it then. I ordered exactly the same items with 2 bowls of rice. 

The Auntie spotted me with the menu and she came by quickly to take the orders. It was served by the same Auntie in about 10 minutes. The portion was pretty generous for $4.50. It was served with a handful of chicken pieces in a good amount of braised sauce. 

The Sesame Oil Chicken tasted much better than our first visit. It has got a good balance of sesame oil and ginger taste and it tasted good when eaten with the plain rice.

I requested for chilli to be added with the Ginger & Spring Onion Liver and Kidney for $4.50. Apparently, it did not taste as nice as the first visit. The kidney has got a strange taste probably due to not cleaning it thoroughly and properly. Those slices of liver were cooked just right to give it the desired texture.

263 Serangoon Central Drive #01-43 SINGAPORE 550263.

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