Sunday, February 16, 2014

Burger Vs Wings. Who is the winner?

Signature Hot Buffalo Wings ($15.90) tasted just right at the level of mild spiciness. The Signature Tyson Peanut Butter ($21.90) has too much peanut butter in it that tend to be overwhelmed. A pretty average burger i'd say and not quite worth coming back.

Their free flow of tepas at an additional cost of $4.90 during lunch is not too fascinating. The items served were rather limited and the rate of replenishing was a little too slow on that day. And so, who is the winner when burger vs wings. I will think it is a draw as both tasted just passable and not distinctly outstanding. 

And, it's slightly pricey if not using the vouchers acquired online for a 50% difference in the pricing. 

181 Orchard Road #11-03/04 Orchard Central SINGAPORE 238896.

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