Sunday, February 9, 2014

Disappointing is the word.

Fascinating it may be but it's not something i'd enjoy. I acquired a piece of Voucher via Groupon for the value of $14. It sounded like a good deal. I was their only customer there slightly after lunch. I was told i could only order Crunchin' Shrimp ($6.90), Crunchin' Crab ($6.90) and Crunchin' Fish ($5.90) but not Ultimate Lobster ($9.90), Ultimate Crab ($7.90) and Utimate Shrimp ($7.90).

I decided to go with Crunchin' Shrimp and Crunchin' Crab for $13.80. The $14 worth of voucher has got a balance of 0.20 cents. I pretty much guess it's their marketing strategy to prevent the order of higher price items so we would likely add it up to order something else to not wasting the 0.20 cents.

There are sides like Crispy Fish ($3.90), Crispy Shrimp ($4.90) and Crispy Calamari ($4.90) for selection. 

It took quite a while for the only lady there to prepare both sandwiches to go. 

The Crunchin' Shrimp was a slighly bigger in size as compared to Crunchin' Crab. It consists of 4 pieces of battered prawns served along with fresh tasting lettuce, tomato and preserved pickles. I personally felt the preserved pickles were slightly out of place as the taste did not quite complement the rest in enhancing the overall taste at all. I ended up picking them out and discarded it.

Seemingly, the Crunchin' Crab did not fare any better. It was served with a piece of heavily battered Soft Shell Crab that did not have much taste. Again, the preserved pickles were quite out of place unlike the lettuce and slices of tomato that complemented well.

Somehow, i am quite sure i'd not be back for more. 

3 Gateway Drive #B2-K16 Westgate SINGAPORE 608532.

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