Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The French Experience

I won a Dessert Voucher in one of their contests on facebook in December 2013 that expired by the end of February 2014. 

It was not as crowded as expected when i was there slightly 1 pm for lunch with my lunch partner. We were ushered to one of those small tables for 2 almost immediately. 

After browsed through their menu, we decided to order French Onion Soup ($5.80), Poulet Chicken Rosti - Half ($15.90), Mediterranean Stew Lamb Shank ($15.90), Truffle Mashed Potato ($5.80) together with 2 complimentary Banana Bread Pudding ($6.80 each).

The French Onion Soup served first. I did not have enough French Onion Soup to know whether is this a good rendition. I enjoyed it though. 

Next came their signature Chicken Rosti (half) at $15.90. The chicken is supposed to be brined the full day then slowly roasted till the skin of the chicken turned to beautiful golden brown. It is then served with their homemade creamy Mushroom Chardonnay sauce.

First impression, it was good though not quite fascinating but when had it with the accompanied sauce, it tasted slightly different in a good way. The flavor of the sauce was rather light and so it did not have much effect in enhancing the overall flavor. My lunch partner find it to be quite acceptable though.

I do not usually ordered a lamb dish but some of their other choices served with Cranberry and Red Wine that my lunch partner did not like. We left with this Mediterranean Stew Lamb Shank ($15.90) to consider. We decided to order though with not much expectations.

It served right after. It was quite a big piece accompanied with baby onions and a slice of carrot.

The texture was done right just to give it the delightful softness and amazing tenderness.

The Truffle Mashed Potato ($5.80) has got a desirable creamy and soft texture that reminded me of baby food. The taste of truffle oil was a little disturbing. I did not like it though some have given good reviews of its goodness. I would rather go for the regular mashed potato at only $3.80. I guess taste can be quite subjective in this instance.

The Banana Bread Pudding ($6.80) was quite a surprise. The banana bread pudding served warm with a scope of vanilla ice cream added. I honestly did not quite expect the combination to be so perfect. The warm sweet taste of the Banana Bread Pudding complemented the creaminess and sweetness of the vanilla ice cream perfectly. This one is definitely worth trying.

The overall experience was a decent one though i am not too sure whether i would be back as the slightly pricey charges are not quite worth it.

201 Victoria Street #04-12 Bugis+ SINGAPORE 188067.

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