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Joe's Kitchen - Thai Cuisine

For a big fan of Thai Cuisine, i have always wanted to eat at Joe's Kitchen. There are plenty of good reviews floating on the internet recommending some of their signature dishes. Joe and Jamie, started Joe's Kitchen in April 2008. Joe is originally from Thailand working with Jamie, his Singaporean wife started this no-frill Thai restaurant that offers affordable Thai Cuisine. Joe is a Chef by training and worked with Parkway Thai Restaurant before he decided to start Joe's Kitchen. Their exact location is directly opposite Alexandra Hospital nestled amongst those shop houses, within walking distance from the nearest bus stop. The interior of the shop is simply decorated to give it a rather cosy ambiance. 

I purchased a discounted voucher online to dine there. I just happened to be there on a Saturday and decided to walk-in though it stated as a requirement to call at least 3 hours earlier to make a reservation. I was asked to take a seat after presenting the voucher. Such flexibility is definitely worth commendable. The service was rather attentive as the menu was presented rather quickly upon seated.

After browsing through the menu, i decided to go with Chicken with Cashew Nuts ($10), Green Curry Beef ($6), Stuffed Chicken Wing ($2.50 per piece) with Thai Iced Milk Tea ($2.50) and Lemon Grass Drink ($2.00). Plain Rice is served at 0.80 cents per bowl.

The Thai Iced Milk Tea and Lemon Grass Drink came first. I was told by a friend that he did not like the Lemon Grass Drink served here so i took my first sip with little expectation. It might not be the best that i tasted but its taste was rather acceptable but the Thai Iced Milk Tea was a disappointment. It tasted quite diluted with not enough condensed milk added to give it its richness and sweetness. I did not quite expect so but this is probably the worst Thai Iced Milk Tea ever tasted in Singapore. 

Their Stuffed Chicken Wing is amongst their highly recommended items listed in their menu. The mid-wing part was nicely de-boned before stuffing it with the filling then deep fried it.

The Stuffed Chicken Wings were freshly deep-fried upon order.

The filling of the chicken wing consists of minced meat with bits of carrot, corn and water chestnut added to enhance its texture. I personally felt that the seasoning was a little too light thus it tasted a little too bland. I compared it to the one served by Nakhon Kitchen and this particular one did not fare too well. 

The next dish was Chicken with Cashew Nuts. Chunky pieces of nicely deep-fried chicken were stir-fried with dried chilli, onions and red / green pepper together with handful of cashew nuts. This is my must-order dish whenever i visit Nakhon Kitchen. The portion is larger at a higher price right here though the taste is not quite comparable. It did not taste too bad just not as good.

The level of spiciness of this particular dish might be a little too intense if you do not like spicy foods. There was batches of chilli paste right underneath those pieces of fried chicken on the plate.

It was an appetising dish nonetheless.

Green Curry Beef was served in a claypot over a hot pot. I felt the texture of sliced beef was a little compromised by the continuous heating by the fuel tablet but my lunch partner did not think so. The texture of the beef was a slightly tougher though. The taste was quite creamy with a strong hint of coconut milk added to enhance its richness. It tasted rather well-balanced in general. 

A good portion of sliced beef was served with eggplants and long beans together with basil leaves and chilli to enhance its flavor. This is probably one of the better green curry that i had in Singapore.

It goes really well with the plain rice and we enjoyed it. I would think this is the best dish amongst what we ordered on that day.

The taste of these dishes might have been adjusted to better suit the taste bud of locals as it is not as spicy as expected but a little sweeter generally. 

The total bill is $30.45 inclusive of 10% service charge. 

Block 125 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-182 SINGAPORE 150125
Opening Hours: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm / 5.00 pm to 10:00 pm (Daily)

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