Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee

I was there on a rainy weekday slightly after lunch at Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee. For those that been to Kuala Lumper should be quite familiar with this famous brand supposedly to be the creator of this signature Chilli Pan Mee. I tasted once and it was good then though it did not left much impression.

No queue is spotted when i was there. There were only a few tables occupied at that moment. I went to the counter to place the order for a bowl of their signature dry Pan Mee ($5.00) and a bowl of the soup Pan Mee ($5.00). Pan Mee is the handmade noodle that commonly known as Ban Mian in Singapore.

I ordered a bottle of Water Chestnut for $1.80 to go along. I did not think of it too highly initially but i ended up liking it quite a lot. The level of sweetness was just right with a likeable taste of water chestnut. 

It was delivered to the table in about 5 minutes. The presentation reminded me of the one in Kuala Lumper. A good portion of handmade noodle served with handful of ikan belis and braised minced meat together with a poached egg and 3 pieces of meat balls.

The soup version served with the same amount of ingredients. I felt the soup version might not really worth the $5. It tasted just like those soup Ban Mian commonly available here but for lesser ingredients and a higher price. It tasted rather simple thus it is not recommendable.

The Signature Chilli Pan Mee is a good try as you could not find this anywhere in Singapore. The bottle of dry chilli is available in every table for self-service.

The chilli flakes is slowly roasted to acquire the desired taste and flavor to serve along with the Pan Mee. You may delightfully add in as many spoonful of these painstakingly prepared chilli flakes in accordance to your liking in the level of spiciness. 

After added in the chilli then you are expected to break the poached egg then mixed it together with the chilli flakes, the noodle and the ingredients.

The noodle changed from the boring white color to the beautifully bright red after a good toss. The chilli flakes did not taste as oily as expected though and it did not taste too spicy as well. The level of spiciness was rather mild though distinctive as a result of 3 spoonfuls added. The aftertaste is not as intense too.

And, the texture of noodle was not as good as the one in Kuala Lumper. It lumped together too quickly and it required a little effort to mix it well.

The meat balls did not taste too special. It tasted just like those available in the Supermarkets with pretty little surprises.

So, is this supposedly famous Pan Mee to be overpriced and overhyped? i would very much think so. I would not pay the $5 for the soup one but would readily pay the same for the dry one to eat it with those chilli flakes added as it is only available right here. But, i would not travel all the way here though and i am definitely would not queue too long to eat it.

Having tried the original one in Kuala Lumper once, i would think it tasted pretty authentic particularly the taste of chilli flakes is quite alike. I do not think this is the best Ban Mien in Singapore though it tasted pretty unique. 

The shop is located within walking distance from the Tai Seng MRT station. 

534 Macpherson Road SINGAPORE 368220

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