Friday, May 2, 2014

Woh Hup Zi Char

The food centre was rather quiet when i was there on a Public Holiday for dinner. Most than half of the stalls in this food centre have already closed for the day or closed on Public Holiday. There were 2 Zi Char stalls right there and this particular one had a good flow of customers. I ever eaten here once quite a while ago and enjoyed it pretty much. It is not difficult to tell that most of these customers are their regular as they seemed to know the menu rather well and overheard them ordering the foods in Cantonese. Most of these customers ordered pot of Chinese Tea from the stall.

I went to the stall to order. An elderly Uncle was there taking the order. I decided to stick with the 2 dishes that i tried the first time. I ordered my all-time favourite Sweet and Sour Pork together with their Fried Chicken with 3 bowls of rice. There is an interesting chinese name for their Fried Chicken as 燕子鸡though i could not quite associate this to the actual dish itself.

The Fried Chicken came first. Unlike most of the other Zi Char stalls, this stall is using parts of chicken and not just the chicken wings for this dish. I could taste the rather slight prawn paste though not too distinctive but pretty flavorful. The chicken pieces were fried to perfection to achieve the desired crispiness. It still tasted crispy even after left it for a while.

It still tasted good but somehow it did not taste as good when i had it the first time but still enjoyable particularly when eaten with their accompanied chilli sauce.

The Sweet and Sour Pork served shortly after. A good portion of nicely fried pork pieces were stir-fried with the sauce and ingredients like onion, tomato, pineapple and green pepper to give it the desired taste. The sauce has gotten the right balance of sweet and sour taste that went well with the rice.

The total bill is $25.50. It is a little pricey than expected as most dishes are priced in between $8 to $10 for the smallest serving in other Zi Char places as compared to the $12 for each dish and $24 for both average tasting dishes ordered right here.

I am not quite likely to be back too soon. Well, at least not for these 2 dishes as tastier and cheaper version can be found in other places.

WOH HUP 合众菜社
531A Upper Cross Street #02-55 Hong Lim Food Centre SINGAPORE 051531.

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