Friday, May 23, 2014

Kaya Toast, Soft Boiled Eggs and Coffee - Traditional Breakfast

What do you usually eat for breakfast? A typical set of traditional like coffee with soft-boiled eggs and kaya toast is the preferred choice of the older generation. But, this is not quite likely be the preferred choice of the younger generation. Many of these youngsters would rather have it in one of those fast food outlets or some of those western cafes serving the so called all-day breakfast like those Egg Benedict sets. 

Such a simple breakfast is served at $3.40 right here, a coffee shop along the Lavender Road. It reminded me of my Grandpa and this would definitely be his choice for a good breakfast to start his day. 

The soft-boild egg and coffee were served first, right to the table. I was told that the soft-boiled eggs have to wait for 6 minutes for it to be ready. The coffee did not taste as good as i expected it to be. It was rather diluted with not quite enough coffee taste and it did not taste too milky as little condensed milk was added though the sweetness was just right. 

The Kaya Toast came later. It was lightly toasted with a thin layer of kaya applied together with a piece of butter sandwiched in between.

Waited for the 6 minutes to be up before removed the eggs from the hot water in the plastic corner.

Then cracked it lightly to break it and poured it onto the saucer. This followed by the other egg.

The next step is to sprinkled a little white pepper with a few drops of soya sauce added.

All done and getting ready to eat.

The best way to enjoy it is to dip the toast into the egg yolk to have it slightly coasted then eat it.

This is the most perfect breakfast to a good day. Simple yet satisfying. 

119 Lavender Road SINGAPORE 338731


  1. I find the food in 1 utama nicer, will always eat there when I go to PJ.
    The food in Vivocity is expensive. Been there twice and on one occasion heard a neighboring table complained about the fish in the fish curry not fresh.

  2. Sorry...was talking about madam kwan

  3. i tasted their Fish Head Curry before. It is expensive and not too special. :)