Sunday, May 25, 2014

Peachy in the Hot Kitchen - an Interesting Name

It was a rainy day right after a meeting to have a quick lunch. This stall is located at a corner of the basement.  There was a buzzing crowd waiting to order and to collect their orders right there. There was only a lady taking and delivering the orders and another gentleman cooking it right at the stall. 

I waited after stood in front of the menu board for a while, waiting to order. The lady was really busy. She brought out several plates of foods from the kitchen, garnished by sprinkled it with bits of dried parsley leave or squeezed the mayonnaise on it right before served. She might be busy but there was a smile on her face. When she noticed me, she gave me a nod and i told her my order, then pointed to the table right at the corner, indicating to her that i will be sitting there. I decided to try Cheesey Chicken Cutlet with Tomato Spaghetti at $6.00 for the first time. 

I waited. About 15 minutes later, i spotted the lady waving at me, indicating that my order is ready to be picked up. I went over, paid and collected it then proceed back to my table. 

The presentation was pretty neat though not quite appetising. A massive piece of cheese covered chicken chop served with a small portion of tomato based spaghetti and accompanied by coleslaw.

The deep-fried chicken cutlet was a little too brown in color but its texture has not been compromised. Though it did not taste too crispy but it still has it juiciness in it and tasted rather moist despite its unappetising look. 

There was cheese and mayonnaise underneath that layer of baked cheese. It tasted alright though not particularly mind blowing. 

The tomato based spaghetti was a little too dry though they managed to get its texture just right. Its taste would definitely be much better if they served it with more sauce.

The Avocado Juice ($2.50) from the stall next to it is a good choice.

Gotten news that Peachy in the Hot Kitchen has decided to close its chapter. They are letting the stall and the equipments go in a month's time. It is definitely sad to see them go.

Block 505 Beach Road #B1-45 Golden Mile Food Centre SINGAPORE 199583

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