Sunday, June 16, 2013

Good or average? You decide.

This is supposedly the famous bak chor mee stall that moved from their stall in Eunos to their shop at Upper Changi Road and finally to this stall in this location. I ever eaten once in their shop then but it did not leave an impression then. 

My favourite bak chor mee stall has recently closed as the owner is in ill health and so i decided to give this stall another go. This stall is manned by the owner and his wife now.

I was their only customer at 11.00 am. I decided to go with the dry version of bak chor mee at $5. I asked for mee kia with extra chilli added.

The portion given was quite substantial with fresh tasting ingredients like slices of lean meat and liver with minced meat and a piece of fish dumpling then topped with braised mushroom to serve. Their specially made chilli has got minimum level of spiciness and a tad oily too especially with an extra amount of it added. 

The mee kia has got a noticeably springiness and tasted good when tossed well with the chilli. The handful of beansprouts added was a good enhancement to its texture.

They are supposed to be famous for their soup noodle but that particular bowl of soup served along with the noodle tasted quite flat. It has got a distinctive taste of dried sole fish but lacking in level of sweetness and saltiness thus it tasted bland. It got me to wonder whether the same soup stock is used for their signature fish maw soup noodle that priced at $9 and a larger bowl at $12? I am still willing to give it a try when i come back next time.

I am still not impressed with this particular bak chor mee and i could not help but missing the already closed down regular stall a lot more. And, that was still the best bak chor mee that i ever tasted. This is concluded after eaten most of the famous ones out there. The taste is definitely subjective and whether this is a good or just average bak chor mee is for you to try it then decide. 

49A Serangoon Garden Way
Serangoon Garden Market

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