Saturday, June 29, 2013

My comfort food

After eaten countless popiah and i can easily say this particular one made by that friendly auntie is still the best popiah in Singapore. 

Coincidentally, i met this Auntie at the market near my house before she closed her stall and disappeared for a few months. I came back a few times thereafter but the stall has been closed then. I waited and the stall finally reopened a couple of weeks ago. I took notice when i spotted a queue from far. There is always a long queue whenever the stall is opened.

The auntie is basically on her own and so long waiting time is expected. When you order, you are expected to place the exact amount in the basket placed on top of the shelve.

Each piece of popiah is reasonably priced at $1.50. The price might be a little higher as compared to other popiah out there but the size and the ingredients in it somewhat justified for the $1.50. It is quite a big fat piece generously stuffed with ingredients like turnips, beansprouts, hard boiled egg etc. And what made it distinctively stood out is the intense spiciness of their special chilli paste. It is unbearably hot even for someone like me who got a crazily high tolerance for spicy foods. The key is never to request for extra chilli unless you have already tried it and have gotten a strong enough stomach to survive it. The extra chilli is charged at 0.20 cents per serving.

The auntie remembers me rather well.

She said, 'Most people wouldn't make such a request to not to cut the popiah. You're the rare one out'.

She said, 'I remember you. You stay in Ang Mo Kio too, right?' This auntie is blessed with very good memory. She could remember all the orders well.

We chatted and I asked her why did she close her stall for so many months. She said she went for an operation and that operation did not go too well so she ended up rested a bit longer.

I did ask her why did not her consider to have her stall in Ang Mo Kio since she is staying there. She said, 'I tried but i could not get a location with a reasonable rental in that area.'

It is really nice to have Auntie back to make more popiah.

If you are a big fan of popiah then you gotta give this a try!

Yue Yi Tai Shan Popiah 日益太山薄饼
Block 449 Clementi Avenue 3 #01-211 See Lam Hern Coffee Shop SINGAPORE 120449

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