Thursday, June 27, 2013

My all-time favourite chicken rice.

When everyone is talking about Tian Tian Chicken Rice, there is a really good chicken rice tucked away in a coffee shop along Waterloo Street. I started eating their chicken rice more than a decade ago and they are still my favourite chicken rice through the years. I have eaten from different stalls including those famous ones but this is still the best to me.

How is a good hainanese chicken rice to be judged?

The chicken is expected to be succulent and juicy. The rice is expected to be aromatic with fragrance, it has to be grainy and not overly greasy. The chilli is expected to have a certain level of spiciness with a well-balanced garlic and lime taste.

This is one of the stalls that met the above mentioned factors with a consistent standard.

My usual preference is the roasted chicken. Half of the roasted chicken is $13. I have only tasted the roasted chicken so i could not say much about their white chicken. Their roasted chicken is probably the best that i have eaten so far.

The chicken used is a plump and meaty one. The well seasoned chicken is always fried well to give its skin a slight crisp and awesome flavor. The texture of meat is desirably succulent, juicy and flavorsome.

Their rice is one of the best if it is not the best. The texture is grainy with nice chicken broth flavor and not overly oily. It still tasted really good even if is left for hours. Their chilli is the better one that i ever tasted too.  It has got a good level of spiciness that derived from the chilli padi and further enhanced by the right amount of garlic and lime added.

To me, the chilli is definitely the most important factor to determine the worthiness of a particular hainanese chicken rice.

This stall is manned by the elderly auntie and her sons. The auntie is mostly the one chopping up the chickens. The chicken is drizzled with their special soya sauce before served. The soya sauce enhanced the taste of chicken further with just the right level of saltiness. The taste is not overpowering even when the chicken is left to have it later.

Their service is always prompt and systematic even during the peak period.

The chicken rice has been reported and recommended by the Media, too.

There is always a queue even during the off-peak hours.

It has always been a joy to enjoy their chicken rice, again and again. 

261 Waterloo Street 
#01-29 Waterloo Centre

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