Friday, June 28, 2013

Not quite the same.

This famous indian rojak is located right beside my favourite chicken rice in a coffee shop along Waterloo Street within walking distance from Bras Basah MRT Station. 

They have been in this coffee shop for more than a decade long. I used to come by regularly when i worked in bugis area a long time ago. Their relative has got another stall at Albert Street Food Centre selling indian rojak too. This other stall is famous for their prawn fritter too.

That day, i was in the area looking for lunch and decided to come by for the indian rojak. There was a few people waiting to order right in front of the stall. I waited for 10 minutes to order. I selected the usual favourite items like prawn fritters, the potato and other fried items. 

Perhaps my expectation was set a little higher as the taste this time seemed a little disappointing. It did not taste as nice as i used to remember. The items selected were re-fried before served. The items still got its sight crispiness but most items were pretty oily including my used to be favourite prawn fritters. It was served with slices of cucumber, green chilli and onion. I paid a total of $5.60 for it.

The sauce was served warm. It got a slight sweetness with a little sourness and zero level of spiciness. It complemented and enhanced the flavor of the fried items rather well.

It was a pleasant lunch but i am not likely to be back soon. 

The standard is not quite the same any longer. 

261 Waterloo Street
#01-28 Waterloo Centre

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