Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lovely Duck Confit Pie.

It was a groomy Saturday when i was there. It is nicely tucked away at a quiet corner of Rochester Drive. The location is within walking distance from Buonas Vista MRT. 

The order was made at the Counter. The selection was rather limited. The Duck Confit Pie was the last piece left on the display. I wanted the Seafood Laksa Shepherd Pie but it was already sold out. We settled for the Duck Confit Pie ($9.95) and the Wagyu Beef Cheek Pie ($9.95). As for drinks, we went for Iced Lemon Tea ($5.50) and Iced Coffee ($5.50).

Each pie served with a scoop of mashed potato and a good portion of green salad. The mashed potato has got a delightful buttery taste. The texture has got a desired softness. Our guess is it is most likely made of the real potato and we could taste bits of potato in it. It was served with their special brown sauce. The fresh tasting salad mainly consists of wild rockets leaves drizzled with balsamic vinegar. 

The Duck Confit Pie was a good surprise. The crust has got a slight buttery taste and in the right thickness. The filling was rather generous. It was nicely filled up the pie with no space in between. The duck confit was cooked well to give it the desirable flavor and tenderness with bits of potatoes. It was a definite good choice and convincing that why it was the last piece on the display at 1 pm. 

The Wagyu Beef Cheek Pie tasted good but not much surprises in taste. The wagyu beef cheek was well-braised to the desired tenderness with herbs and chunky potatoes. It has got more meat than the potatoes though. The crust was done equally well.

As for the drinks, the Iced Tea was a better selection than the Iced Coffee. The Iced Tea has got a light floral flavor. The syrup is available for self-service at the station together with the cutlery. The Iced Coffee has got an overwhelming bitterness. I guess the hot coffee would definitely be a better choice. 

The portion might seemed little but it ended up to be quite filling. 

We had a single scoop of gelato each for $4.00 per scoop. There are only 2 flavors for selection : Vanilla and Chocolate. We tried both. The chocolate flavor has got a distinctive chocolate taste but rather light in texture and not too creamy. The vanilla flavor was a refreshing choice. It did not taste particularly milk as well with just the right level of sweetness. 

It was an enjoyable experience and we really enjoyed the pies.

35 Rochester Drive
#01-03 Rochester Mall

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