Friday, June 28, 2013

Prawn Paste Chicken & Steamed Fish Head.

The must try dish in this food centre has to be the Steamed Fish Head with fermented bean sauce. There are at least 26 stalls in this food centre serving this dish but according to source, Seng Kee is the founder of this dish.

I went on a Saturday for lunch. The order has to be made at the counter then paid and given the table number. The steamed fish head is reasonably priced at $13. Song Fish Head is used in this dish. Song Fish Head is known for its mud taste. The taste was seemingly obvious in certain part.

Though it stated as hot sauce but it did not taste as hot as expected. The best way to enjoy this dish is to have every bit of meat with their fermented bean sauce and bits of fried pork lards. The fried pork lards were nicely done with a delightful crispiness and taste. It added flavor to the sauce and to the meat itself. The fish head tasted amazingly fresh and rather meaty too. 

Another must try dish is Fried Prawn Paste for $8.

The drumsticks and mid-wings were nicely fried to perfection to give its a noticeably crispiness. It has got a distinctive taste of prawn paste. It tasted better when eating it with the chlli sauce provided. 

I went back with friends and wanted another round of steamed fish head at about 7 pm on the same day. I was told all the fish heads have already been sold out. We checked with the neighbouring stall and was told the same. I took notice that almost every tables there were having the steamed fish head from either stall. 

It was an amazing first time experience nonetheless.

335 Smith Street 
#02-190/191 Chinatown Complex Food Centre and Market

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