Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hai Sheng Carrot Cake

This stall somewhat reminded me of another stall at Ang Mo Kio Central. Both stalls share a rather similar stall name.  I would have ask if i did not happen to come during their peak moments.

Though it was a picture of the white carrot cake that displayed on their signboard but i spotted a plate of black carrot cake was served to one of their customers.

The lady smiled at me when she saw me standing there waiting to order. I ordered a plate of $2 carrot cake without telling her my preference for white or black. She did not ask further though so i assumed the default order has to be white carrot cake. Self-service is expected so i waited there. My plate of carrot cake was ready in about 5 minutes. It was served with the chilli and chopped spring onion by the side. I was eager to have my first mouthful. As expected, it tasted just like the famous Fried Carrot Cake at Ang Mo Kio Central. The chilli tasted quite alike too. A reasonable guess is this stall and that famous stall must have been related somehow. I remember seeing this couple there when the usual lady was not around to man the wok.

The portion given was enough for $2. The pieces of carrot cake were nicely pan-fried and evenly coated with egg then fried it well to give it the desired crispiness. The taste was further enhanced by the preserved radish embedded in it.

If i have to compare, i still very much preference that particular stall over at Ang Mo Kio Central. This plate of fried carrot cake was nice but still not as nice as yet.

Block 453A Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 #01-09 Chong Boon Food Centre SINGAPORE 560453.

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