Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wanton Mee

I did not quite expect my regular Wanton Mee stall from the Food Centre to close down. And, that gotten me to try this Wanton Mee at the coffee shop directly opposite the Food Centre & Market for the first time. It is affordable priced at $2.50.

A substantial portion of mee kia was served with few slices of thinly sliced Char Siew and a few stalks of vegetables. It came with a bowl of soup with 3 pieces of wantons.

Fan of fried pork lards would be delighted to know that a big bowl of fried pork lards was placed right at the counter for Self-Service.  The nicely deep fried pork lards enhanced the overall taste quite a bit.

The mee kia was cooked well to give it the desired springiness and minus the unpleasant alkaline taste. It has got a rather minimum taste of spiciness with a well-balanced saltiness. The slices of char siew tasted a little too dry but flavorful.

The 3 pieces of wantons tasted a little old-school.

It was just a bit of well-seasoned minced pork wrapped in a piece of thin wanton skin. The soup tasted rather light with just a slight peppery taste with chopped spring onion in it.  It definitely tasted much nicer than expected and served as a good alternative to the other stall that closed down.

Block 338 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 Choice @ 338 SINGAPORE 560338.

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