Thursday, November 28, 2013

Red Bean Salted Bun & Butterfly Bun

This is another new stall in this food centre. I was greeted with a warm smile by the friendly Auntie of this stall. We chatted for a bit.

She told me proudly that her stall is the only stall in this food centre that still insisting to handmade every piece of the traditional snacks to give the best possible taste to her customers. She pointed to the dough set on the table. Then she pointed at a mixer next to it, said, 'You need this machine to do it.' She then told me that she has got a regular customer that come by nearly every morning to buy her snacks. I could tell that she is passionate in what she is doing.

I wanted a piece of red bean salted bun and a piece of butterfly bun to go. Both are for 0.70 cents each. If you wanted more then 3 pieces are for only $2.00.

I started with the red bean salted bun first. I actually enjoyed the taste of it. The skin layer was quite thin but it has been fried well without getting overly greasy. The generous bit of sesame seeds enhanced its taste quite a bit.

The good amount of red bean paste was of the right level of sweetness and complemented it well.

The butterfly bun did not fare as well though. It might have been left for a bit too long as it tasted slightly harder but it did not compromise its taste though.

It is still enjoyable if go with a cup of good coffee for breakfast or just for snack. I am interested to try their You Tiao if i come by this food centre again. I guess it must be good since their signboard emphasized on it.

Block 29 Bendemeer Road #01-28 Bendemeer Food Centre SINGAPORE 330029.

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