Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Braised Delight

This stall is manned by an elderly couple selling traditional teochew delicacies like Pig Trotter's Jelly (猪脚冻) and Shark's Meat (白牙沙鱼肉) as well as Braised Delight (自制卤味).

They are even awarded an impressive 6 chopsticks under the category of 'Die Die Must Try' by Makansutra.  These are the traditional Teochew delicacies that are quickly disappearing these days. Though i am a Hokkien but i do appreciate such traditional delicacies that are not commonly available particularly from a stall at food centre.

The Pig Trotter's Jelly and the Shark's Meat are actually served cold with homemade dipping sauce. As i just had my lunch and i probably could not take away those so i left with their Braised Delight to consider. All the items are in the selection of $5, $8 and $10.

I decided to take away $5 portion of the Braised Delight and would have to come back for the highly recommended Pig Trotter's Jelly and Shark's Meat another day.

The Braised Delight consisting of braised pork belly, braised large intestine, braised tau kwa, braised tau pok and braised egg that commonly available at those Kway Chap stalls.

A rather good quality soya sauce was probably used to prepare the dish. The sauce was robust, fragrant and yet a well-balanced taste of sweetness and saltiness. And, it left a lingering fragrance on the taste buds.

My favourite has to be the braised intestine. It was clean thoroughly to omit the strange taste before braised well to give it the right texture. This is a simple dish that has done well. It actually tasted much better than some of those at most Kway Chap stalls.

The next favourite has to be the braised pork belly. The pork belly has got a good balance of the fat and the lean proportion. It was then braised perfectly to give it the desired texture. I liked how it was sliced in big and chunky pieces to give it a greater satisfaction.

The braised egg, braised tau kwa and braised tau pok are equally addictive. A pretty good alternative to take away and have it just for snack or to go with lunch and dinner at home.

166 Jalan Besar #02-37 Berseh Food Centre SINGAPORE 200877.

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